Fitness Center Klöcker

Duitsland | Medisch fitness centrum, Fysiotherapie praktijk | Rug- en nek toestellen

Fitness Center Klöcker, or Bewegungszentrum Klöcker, is a comprehensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation center. The center utilizes the DAVID Spine Solution to treat back and neck pain complaints.

Kurgartenstraße 1, Bad Neuenahr

53474 , Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler


+49 2641 3790400

“Lower back pain has been torturing me for ages. MRI, orthopedic exams, man. Therapy, shoe inserts, lots of exercise… nothing helped in the long run. I’ve been in the exercise treatment program for 3 weeks now and what can I say? He recognized and removed my blockades. I’m almost pain-free and I can put my socks on again while standing!” – Alexandra P., patient

Fitness Center Klöcker