Johnsens Physio Heide

Duitsland | Fysiotherapie praktijk | Heup- en knie toestellen, Schouder toestellen, Rug- en nek toestellen

Best exercise therapy for pain treatment in Heide, Germany

Johnsens Physio provides physiotherapy in Heide, Germany with the world’s leading medical exercise technology. The physiotherapy center treats back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, as well as hip and knee pain with safe and effective medical exercise therapy.

Markt 36

25746 , Heide, Germany


+49 481 81788858

“With this, Johnsens has catapulted itself into the top league of the fitness and health business. Johnsen’s physio is still relatively new. Everything is of the highest quality. You feel very well looked after and the staff knows how to support and explain with a trained eye and knowledge. Expanding the offering from the gym to include physio shows just how much value Johnsens places on physical fitness.” – Jezza, patient

Johnsens Physio Heide