PM Physiotherapy in Beethovenplatz

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We are a very modern scientific neuro-rehabilitative practice with therapy approaches around the orofacial region. What does “orofacial region” actually mean? It refers to problems and pain in and around the head: dizziness, -balance disorders, -headaches, -jaw pain, -cervical spine problems (herniated discs, -protrusions of the intervertebral discs, – stenoses, -arthroses), as well as shoulder and other spinal pain. Also in the area of prehabilitation (prevention) in sports your decision to come will be right, because our therapies are very well supported with the most modern medical equipment from the company David, Pedalo, as well as from the company Schupp.

Sulzbachstraße 22

66111 SB, Saarbrücken


+49 681 910 4646

The David Shoulder Solution revolutionizes the treatment of shoulder pain by using biomechanically optimized movements and a visual biofeedback system for guidance.

PM Physiotherapy in Beethovenplatz