QI Spine – Aundh

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The QI Spine clinic in Aundh, Pune provides back and neck pain treatment with medical exercise therapy.

The QI Spine clinic network utilizes DAVID Spine devices to relieve back and neck pain complaints. This center has over 20 locations in India, please check their website for more information.


Equity Tower, Plot No.5, Above Blackberry Showroom, Survey No.187, Aundh, Sanghvi Nagar, Ward No. 8, Sadhu Vasvani Nagar

411007, Aundh Pune


+91 8655 885566


“I had been suffering due to moderate cervical spondylitis for the past 2 months. It’s been 3 weeks that I have been visiting QI Spine. The treatment is very good and would recommend it. The doctors are very helpful in making one understand the problem and even more hardworking and dedicated in solving the same. They help you reach your full potential.” – Sahil G., patient

QI Spine – Aundh